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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Appointment of Director  in India

1. What documents are required for director appointment?

A)  Documents required from Director: PAN Card, Residence Proof, DIN declarations, Consent letter for appointment etc.  B)  Documents required from Company: Board Meeting Resolution for Appointment and Letter of Appointment

StartupMates will help you for preparing and filing of these documents with ROC office.

2. What is Consent Letter from Director?

Anyone to be appointed as Director needs to give his approval for appointment to the Company. This document is known as Consent Letter.

3. What Forms to be filed for adding a director in a Company?

Form DIR-12 is filed with the MCA portal for appointment of director.

4. What is the fees and charges for appointing a director?

The fees for filing Form DIR-12 within time limit is Rs. 300.

5. What is a Minimum number of directors required in a company ?

Private Limited Company:  Two Directors

One Person Company: One Director

Public Limited Company: Three Directors

6. What is a Maximum number of directors allowed in a company

Private Limited Company: 15 Directors

One Person Company: 15 Directors

Public Limited Company: 15 Directors

The company can appoint more than 15 directors by following Companies Act procedure.

7. What are different types of directors?

A) Executive Director is one who devotes his whole time of working hours to the company and has a significant interest in the company as his source of income.

B) Non Executive Director does not dedicate his whole time in the day to day functions of the Company. Only attends Board Meetings and guide the company in its policy matters.

C) Additional Director is a director who is appointed at any time between two Annual General Meeting of the Company. Such additional director need to be confirmed as director in next coming AGM.

8. Who can be appointed as a director of Company?

Any person who has attained the age of 18, is of sound mind, is solvent (not bankrupt) and not convicted by the Court (imprisonment not more than 6 months) can be appointed as a Director.

9. Who cannot be appointed as a director of Company?

Any person who is a minor, is not mentally fit, is bankrupt and is convicted by Court for imprisonment for more than 6 months, cannot be appointed as a Director.

10. What is a minimum age to become a director?

18 Years. If the same person has to appointed as a Managing Director it is 21 Years.

11. What is a maximum age limit to for a director?

There is no maximum age limit. However maximum age limit for Managing Director is 70 years.

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