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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Resignation of Director of Company  in India

1. What documents are required for director resignation?

A)  Documents required from Director:
Resignation Letter

B)  Documents required from Company:
Board meeting Resolution for Resignation, Minutes and Resignation Acceptance Letter BMC will help you for preparing and filing of these resignation documents with ROC office.

2. What is Resignation Letter from Director?

When the Director has to resign he officially submits a letter to the Company to inform about his resignation, this is called a resignation letter

3. What is Resignation Acceptance Letter from Company?

When the Company formally accepts the Resignation of the Director the document is known as Resignation Acceptance Letter.

4. What is Board Resolution for Resignation of Director?

Board Resolution is a written decision passed in a meeting of board of directors. This document informs the Director about the acceptance his Resignation as well as gives authority to its officers to complete the resignation formalities.

5. What Forms to be filed for resignation of director from a Company?

Form DIR 12 has to be filed by the Company and Form DIR 11 has to be filed by the Resigning Director.

6. What is the ROC fees and charges for filing resignation of director?

Filing fees for Form DIR-12 is Rs. 300 and Filing fees for Form DIR-11 is Rs. 300.

7. What is the difference between Resignation of Director and Removal of Director?

Resignation is a voluntary process initiated by the Director himself and Removal of Director is a forceful act of removing the Director by the Company.

8. When there are only two directors in a Company, can one director resign from the company?

No. First an Additional Director has to be appointed and then resignation can be initiated.

9. Is there any Liability after Resignation from Directorship?

The Resigning Director is only liable for any non-compliance during his tenure as director and not for anything after his resignation.

10. Different situations on which director may leave the Company ?

Retirement of Director, Death of Director, Disqualification or Ineligibility to act as director, Director Resignation, Removal of Director

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