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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Closure of Company  in India

1. What Forms to be filed for ROC Return ?

LLP need to file two eForms every year. Form 11 for Annual Return of the LLP and Form 8 for the Statement of Accounts.

2. What is LLP Annual Filing due date?

Due date for filing Form 11 is the 30th May of each year and due date for filing of Form 8 is the 30th October of every year.

3. Who is responsible to file LLP ROC Return?

The Designated Partners of the LLP are responsible to file LLP ROC Return.

4. What is LLP Return Filing fees and charges?

Filing Fees for Form 11 is Rs. 50 and Filing Fees for Form 8 is Rs. 50.

5. What is Penalty for late filing of LLP return?

Penalty fees of Rs.100 per day is charged for from the date of delay till the Form is filed with the ROC.  The Penalty works out to be very expensive, hence Partners are advised to file the yearly forms in time. StartupMates makes it very easy for you to file your ROC returns.

6. How to calculate Penalty for late filing of LLP Annual filing?

Form 11 Penalty is Rs 100 x No of days after 30th May till the date of filing the Form  Form 8 Penalty is Rs 100 x No of days after 30th October till the date of filing the Form

7. Is there any chance of waiver of penalty for non filing of Form 11 & Form 8?

No,there is no provision for waiver of penalty. In last 6-7 years the MCA has not announced any waiver or amnesty scheme

8.How to reply to ROC notice regarding non filing of Form 11 & Form 8 ?

Startupmates will help you in drafting of reply to Notice and legal formalities with respect to Notice received from ROC.

9. How to check LLP Annual Return Filing Status?

It reflects on the Master Data of the Company on the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) website. Please fill in the above form and you will receive complete details from our Company Law expert.

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